The Avenu is now The Avenue and Co.


It’s been some time, but we’re back! What started in 2015 as The Avenu has since evolved and become what is now The Avenue and Co.

So why the change? Well, let’s go back to why it all got started in the first place.

The Avenu (2015 - 2019)

The date above says 2015, but the idea was birthed in late 2014. I was completing my senior (victory lap 🏁) year of college and was encouraged by a close friend to start freelancing as a consultant for small businesses. I was a marketing major at the time, working towards my entrepreneurship certificate, and I had been writing business plans since high school.

My friend only suggested I do this at the time because he was a full-time freelancer and I was helping him gain structure and clarity in his business simply from the questions I‘d ask him while we’d hang out and work or create together.

With a bit of encouragement, I made the decision to start freelancing and The Avenu was born! Thanks to The Creative Gentleman, my logo was created and perfect for the direction I wanted to go in. It’s funny, when I first created The Avenu, we used NYC stock photography in my branding mockups… The funny part about that is I had never been to NYC. I was actually living in Charlotte. Fast-forward to today, and I’m living in Brooklyn, pursuing the path from freelance to full-time. I’m a firm believer in visualization and manifestation.

I purchased my domain and hosting with GoDaddy and went to work on building my Wordpress site.


I went on to help more friends and entrepreneurs build brands and get started, gain clarity and strategy, and direction with social media to name a few things. Some of those being 360 Customs and Coatings, Sowfull, and Byrd Career Consulting.

Helping clients get clear when starting their businesses and establishing the direction they wanted to build and grow allowed me to expand and offer my clients so much more than an hour-long conversation. Through our consultations I’d learn of their needs for graphic design, email marketing, social media management, photography, and web design.

It was an easeful decision to transition into offering these services because I was already doing them for myself.

In my daytime career, I was growing frustrated staying in a role I wasn’t thriving in, so I used The Avenu to grow new skills and serve my clients.

The Avenue and Co. (present day)

I have a large vision and big dreams for The Avenu - which is why it had to change. The changes are subtle, and many things are still the same - but to honor the journey, it was time to switch things up just a bit.

The Colors

The Avenu was very rigid and professional before. I liked hard lines and I wanted it to feel bold. Now, The Avenue and Co. is warm, nostalgic, and well, fabulous. I needed my new color palette to express that. A palette that makes you feel warm and cozy, but something that you still take serious. I call this palette Warm and Musky hues.

The Avenue and Co. is warm and tropical, vintage but modern, floral and foliage, soft and dreamy.

2019 mood board for The Avenue and Co.

2019 mood board for The Avenue and Co.

The Name

Honestly - spelling the domain name was the bane of my existence.

“The Avenu [dot] co - So The Avenue with no E, and com with no M.”

Why did I think that was okay in 2015? Current me doesn’t know. Simply put, I needed to make it easier on future clients and website visitors when I shared my website name word-of-mouth for the first time. Making the user experience simple is what I strive for, and my complicated domain name wasn’t helping that.

I’ll write a blog post later on my best tips to naming your business with intention to help you avoid the mistakes that I made.

I’ve been playing with name changes since the summer of 2018 when I first got the idea to take The Avenu full-time.

Ultimately, I knew that I wanted to keep Avenue in the name because the roots of the name are very strong, and I like the brand awareness that I’ve built around it. Family, friends, and old clients would still reference The Avenu even when I was silent about it - so I knew I had something that could stick and felt right to not just me, but others too, which makes for a solid brand.

I’m manifesting that this is the year that I go self-employed full-time. Changing to the correct spelling and adding and Co. was to signify that I mean business and I’m ready to grow. I am fully inviting the Universe to help me do that.


The Services

The Avenu is a boutique marketing + design studio based in Brooklyn that offers web design, photography, and brand marketing to indie wellness, beauty, cannabis, and fashion brands.

My goal is to help you show up beautifully, share your story, and get found online. I want you to reach your desired tribe and have a thriving online presence.

Your website is your online home. I create online homes that are intentional, beautiful, and get found. I’m a modern bohemian at its finest, being that I love technology but I also prioritize wellness and a holistic lifestyle.

Why not let technology do its job and make things easier for us - reducing stress and allowing more freedom? Why not be the change we want to see on The Internet and in the world and take up space? Why not build a home someplace that isn’t going anywhere?

It is my mission to do my part in creating a space for holistic digital marketing to exist. A space where the status quo is challenged, and humanity is considered. A space that makes digital marketing an intentional experience, not just more noise on the Internet.

By being intentional about your website or online home, everything on it, and getting crystal clear on the people you want to reach, you will see success for many years to come. The Avenue and Co. is here to support you on that journey.

Thanks to all who’ve been here since the beginning, and welcome, if you’re new; make yourself at home.