Bonjour! I’m Sequoya, welcome.

It is my mission to do my part in creating a space for holistic digital marketing to exist. A space where the status quo is challenged, and humanity is considered. A space that makes digital marketing an intentional experience, not just more noise on the Internet.


I’ve been blogging and creating content for the web since 2010. Basically, I’ve been through all the waves of digital content creation, its trends, and changes over some of the Internet’s most critical years.

At one point I got lost in the sauce and was only creating content based off of what was “popular” and what “online success” was shaping up to look like at the time. Well, that was hella short lived because it wasn’t true to me and didn’t align with my purpose or path.

The Internet can be a big, scary place, and losing myself like that was the first time I realized I had lost control of my power. I was losing what made me, me.

This caused me to take a few digital detoxes and zoom out to look at the big picture and get back to what inspires me and moves me to share content in the first place.

Blogging, freelancing, working professionally, plus being a nerd and a yogi has led me to gain a unique perspective and a lot of experience from many corners of the Internet in the digital marketing space.

The little things matter. And it’s the little things that will set you apart, and set you up for success.
— Sequoya

I’ve been freelancing since 2015, but after four years I was drawn to switch gears from my existing freelance business, and pivot a bit to serve my audience better, an audience who looked a bit more like me and my personal background on the Internet - the independent creators.

As a blogger and content creator myself, I’ve enjoyed the benefits that great design, intentional strategy, and optimized SEO have offered me and my brands over the years. I get thousands of views to my blog even though it’s been over a year since I’ve created new content, Pinterest continues to send traffic to all of my websites, and my playlists keep getting more listens, saves, and shares - this is all without my direct promo or attention. I want to help other creators capitalize on this online space and get those same results.

I strive to approach digital marketing from a holistic point of view - emphasizing the need for honest, transparent, and intentional relationships, conversations, and experiences between both consumers and brands, while also making the Internet a more beautiful place.

The little things matter. And it’s the little things that will set you apart, and set you up for success.

And it’s those little things that I love helping you uncover, discover, and keep present in your brand story.

 The Avenue is a boutique creative studio specializing in web design, brand strategy, creative direction, and photography for indie wellness, beauty, cannabis and fashion brands.

Did you find me on Youtube?

I made this video in 2015, shortly after launching The Avenu (originally named).

Since then it’s helped over 600,000 people get super organized digitally using Microsoft OneNote.

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